Monday, February 20, 2006

CMMI's day out ....

After a two day session on CMMI, Sanjeev’s mind was just ringing with the names of CMMI process areas... !
As he was returning home, he got a feeling that the conversations at various places somehow related themselves to one or other process areas of CMMI.
Here are few dialogues he came across... Can you relate these day to day discussions to process areas of CMMI …?
At Bus station …. ‘Mishit’
‘The film even with the magnetic presence of Jo Ryan could not attract big crowds and bombed at box office ...How is that possible ..?’
“Hey dude. A single person’s presence does not ensure success..!! Right from beginning the film has run into all sorts of trouble – change of actors, financial debts, release dates, copyright violation, producer –director public spat..and on…”
‘Oh yeah...looks like the unit had no idea or plan of what they are going to do ...!’
CMMI helpline – Process area _ _ ( Level 2)

Two men walking out of a pub ‘Deadly Stats’..
‘Hey .you knows. from 2003 the number of causalities from Iraq war has crossed 35000 though the official figures would put it less by 50 %.At the same time revenue of TV channels covering Iraq war shot by 30-40% .Still there is daily death rate of 2 per day !’
“Wow... what a correlation analysis…One man’s loss is other man’s gain!!”
‘But the irony is the loss is life and the gain is money ...God bless the innocent …‘
CMMI helpline – Process area _ _ _( Level 2)

A young soccer fan listening to radio….” Kick out “
‘What’s the problem… our soccer team never learnt lessons from its past mistakes. Only last match that move to replace Tuelo , weakened our defence.Still the coach does the same thing …Better I go and tell him what happened last time..and create a database of past performances!!!
CMMI helpline – Process area _ _ _ ( Level 3)

Old couple at a street shop …”Cupid Outsourcing!! “
‘Gone are the days when guys would spend sleepless nights to write a letter to his girlfriend …Now it’s the world of outsourcing .I have seen business houses innovating themselves with a new business model targeted at the ‘hi –tech , no time to think youth ‘..
“Oh what’s that!!?”
‘LMS – Love Message Servicing , now one could outsource the activity of sending messages and letters to his/her mate to a service provider; who inturn would customize the messages and letters based on your needs and send it in the frequency you say…’
“Ooo no that’s a hard kill innovation ...”
CMMI helpline – Process area - _ _ _ (Level 5)

At his home ‘Control Chaos ‘...
‘Vinu , don’t make me say this everyday!!…Your room is a complete chaos ..Can’t you just set things properly? All the books are strewn around. I couldn’t locate the magazine that was kept there in the cupboard. My old files are also missing .Can’t you just keep them arranged? ‘
CMMI helpline – Process area _ _ (Level 2)

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