Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A-Z of Agile Leader

When there is a team , then there is a Leader
Traits of the leader has a great influence on how he /she steers the
team.In case of agile where pre-requisite for success is
'self-organized' teams,the leadership plays a key role.
Whatever we call the role ,Scrum Master /Team Lead/Agile Coach,
certain fundamental qualitities for the role remains the same.
Given below is A-Z traits for such role.

FOund them in Patric Kua's article on 'The Agile Coach, from A to Z'

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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Globally , while organizations are moving on to adopt
'Agile' practices for software development , it is very
essential to thoroughly analyze the pros and cons of Iterative
development vis -a-vis Waterfall approach, from an
organizational perspective.
Found the following chart in,

Y-axis depicts the level of agility
X-axis represents the activity workload

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

7 Waste :' Waiting Time' the Leader !!

Any activity either its day to day chore or the ones done
in business has mix of value add and non value adds in it.
Entire idea of process improvements is to minimze and eliminate
the non-value add avtivities.
WASTE in different forms major chunk in the non value added list.
The WASTES are classified generally in & categories.

Deeper observation would leave one to agree that anywhere
and everywhere , Waiting time is the major culprit in any process.
Waiting time in Airport,bus stations , Check out counter in supermarket,
in reception area of hospital,in the park for your girlfriend(debatable topic though :-) )
the list goes on.......

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