Saturday, September 18, 2010

All news is not Breaking News :Quality standard for Media Houses !

"Now a days when bored I don't turn on any entertaintment channel but just a TV News channel .."remarked one of my friends.Hold on,it is definitely not a compliment but a remark which candidly conveys the sorry state of today's 24x7 News channels .Sensationalism, Commercialism , TRP ranking ,Trivialism,Paid News -what not !
Victim : It is you and me who end up sitting before the idiot box killing time watching the news which could be anything like 'Actor's secretary had a fall in the golf club' or 'MP's sister's cousin has bought a new villa '.
In wake of this , I saw news article whoch talked about 'Quality certification for media houses'. Yes, ISAS BCP 9001:2010 is a new standard released few months back .Media organizations that implement the standard gain new ways to improve quality through better organization, targeting of audiences and readership, appeal to advertisers, and motivation of staff.
I am not here to promote the standard but wish these standards could inject a sense of responsibility to the media houses and give viewer like me quality time to spend in a news channel.
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