Monday, March 21, 2011

Resonance Newsletter : Issue 17

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Restroom experience matters !

There can't be a better metric than 'Customer Feedback '.However to get the maximum value from such feedback it is important to put in efforts in designing the feedback form,communicating the importance to staff to collect objective feedback ,setting up a effecive medium to collect feedback and finally present the report in a way that it triggers some positive action.
In other words ,it is more than asking a customer to fill a form which after three months a quailty control person looks in for coming up with trend charts.
While in Singapore at the Changi airport, I was impressed with the feedback mechanism the airport authorities have set up to measure the quality of janitorial services !
While entering the restroom tt has the name of the shift attendant in the display board reads - 'Serving you today is Mr........'.
And before the exit there is digital feedback system asking customers to rate theie restroom experience ; Simple , real time, visualy appealing , present at the right spot ( when a person leaves the washroom)- some good practices to learn for designing the customer feedback systems!

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