Saturday, November 26, 2005


It all started from our school days , Teacher questioning pupils and the trail continues till one finishes graduation . After crossing innumerable hurdles which were presented in the form of - periodic tests,examinations,viva-voce,practical exams,internal assessments,project thesis (oof...) ,finally people tend to get a sigh of relief when they join profession.
But as luck would have it , there enters the concept of " Quality System Audits " to check whether one does things as defined by organization !! For few right from beginning all these checks are a cakewalk but for a majority these acts present themselves as Damocles sword. In profession how to sway away the fear of Quality Audits !
Read the article 'Auditophobia!' published in by Picasa

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At 1:36 AM, Anonymous pooja said...

Article on Auditophobia is very interesting information and definitely commendable..!!


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