Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stop Talking,Start Doing !!

One of the recent TV Commercials which attracted me was the
"Stop Talking,Stop Doing" theme from IBM.
I realized it was such a powerful message well shot into a TV commercial.
Today in every corporate strategy,Innovation related topics are a 'MUST-BE' line item.But reality presents a different picture altogether.
Many fail to pull up their investments on innovation and translate them to competitive advantage.
If you are interested in comparing orgnaization's performance,have a look as to how successful organization's have been in the area of INNOVATION.
Dynamism is business makes INNOVATION a quintessence !
IBM commercial triggered in me ,lot of thoughts;
Really much more needs to be done to differentiate oneself, rather than just talking.
Actions speak louder than words !
Its time to 'Stop Talking and Start Doing', atleast for me!
For commercial and related news check out IBM website.
Also have a look at this blog on INNOVATION by one of my colleague Pavan Soni.

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