Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Trusted Advisor !

After a while I got a chance to read a good management book.
Though the book is not a new one , the relevance of it makes it an interesting read.Yes the book I am referring is 'The Trusted Advisor '.I would really suggest this for all consultants, QA professionals , any manager interested to build relationships with client.
The book in all about building trust with clients to succeed in profession.
Some of the interesting snippets are :
' An advisor's job is to be helpful not just professionally correct'
'Develop the skill of telling clients that they were wrong in a way that they would thank you for giving helpful advice'
'Earn the right to speak , to be heard'
'Successful advisor assumes responsibility for proper mutual understanding'
'Use socratic way of questioning '
The book is authored by David Maister,Charles Green and Robert Galford.
Definitely a must read !

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