Saturday, July 16, 2011

Understanding Fiscal Deficit :Makes sense to US !

Home Loan Interest rates,food and fuel prices,Education fees - these are few things which are competing hard to grab our wallet share.With percentage of inflation always faring better than the salary hikes by companies, it is always a challenge to balance the expenses with earnings and think of savings !

We always seem to be more worried about our EMI payments and financial planning..but just take few moments to note what's happening around the world.
Little understanding of economics and 'butterfly effect' will help you to get some rationale for every increasing cost of living...
Take a look at what the world's powerful economy is facing....
National Debt of US is approx $14.3 trillion.This is the amount of money US owes to different countries and other agencies..Analyst say , US is just sitting on a 'Debt Bomb' which could have severe impact on global markets..

Not just for US , even for us it helps to be understand certain macro trends which are influencing our day to day lives and hence this post.
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