Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Airlines ,Hotels version of pay-by-use policies

Recently , I came across two news items communicating their new model to charge customers for their service.
1. Virgin Australia - Australian airlines which will be charging customers baggage based on the number of pieces / baggage rather than the traditional method of charging my extra-weight ( kilograms ). Extra baggages will attract flat fees rather than charging by per kilo-gram
2. Babochki Anticafé - Russian cafe in Moscow which will be charging customers by the amount of minutes spent rather then the price for their refreshments !

At the first glance these models defy logic but a closer study would help to appreciate the reasoning behind these moves.
With evolution of cloud , we have seen the wide acceptance of Software-as-a-Service and Infrastrcuture-as-a-Service models Trend seems to have caught up with other business as well who are on constant look out for innovating methods to acquire and retain customers.
Hope it is win-win for all !

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