Monday, March 05, 2012

Books for Colombia:Innovation through Pizza !

'While returning from classes,can you pick up a bottle of milk from nearby store ?' -for many it is a familiar day to day scene in households. Utilising the return travel and optimising it for productive effect starts from home and has been effectively used by many organisations especially those is logistics business.
Few of them have become more responsible and are doing their bit for the society.
One such innovative project comes from Spanish airline carrier Iberia and pizza chain ,Telepizza.

The concept was based on the suggestion of a Telepizza employee who saw the potential of the empty-handed drivers on their way back from delivering pizzas. Aiming to put that potential to work for good, the effort invited delivery customers in Madrid to donate unwanted books for delivery to the needy in Colombia. Telepizza drivers used the empty space in their vehicles to transport the books to the local Telepizza outlet; from there, they were sent via Iberia aircraft to Colombia. These books are collected by a NGO and distributed to libraries.
With every pizza you help someone read !

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