Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aligning Ferret : Book Review

This weekend I happened to read a book/business novel -
' Aligning Ferret'.
Written by Rajesh Naik and Swapna Kishore , the story of the book is set up in an software organization 'Ferret'.
The story is narrated through the hero of the book ,'Sunny' alias ' Sunil Chinnappa' , who after successfully leading a CMM initiative is entrusted the job of charting out a robust organization strategy .With a parallel track narrating ' Sunny's ' personal life challenges the story maintains the right tempo and sustains the readers interest .
Definitely inspired by one of the greatest business novels 'The Goal' for its structure , 'Aligning Ferret' brings about the management challenges which an IT organization goes through.
Without diving deep , it touches upon CMM,PCMM and Balanced Scorecard ;this however could have been given more detailed focus when Sunny tries to go about charting out Ferret's strategy.
Day to day work pressure in the IT world, employee's varied expectation's and need to survive in a competing business is well etched out through interesting events.
Characters like Sheri(always loaded HR ) ,Rajiv ( ever demanding Sunny's boss),Raman(methodical project manager) and Sunny's wife Shubhangi are people one would come across day in day out.
Overall, the book is definitely a very good read both for its informative content and excellent narrative style.
"You can get more information about the book and order copies from its website"

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