Thursday, May 21, 2009

British Council Library : Innovation in Customer Service

One of my favourite places in Chennai is the British Council Library (BCL).BCL has always maintained high quality with respect collection of
Books,ambience,interiors ,visual display and customer service. Being a regular visitor and member for nearly 7 years , I have been closely following the improvements and innovation they bring about in their processes.
Recently , one innovation that impressed me was the RFID enabled Self Check out counters.
In this system, Library members can place the books and membership card ,check out the books ,collect the automated receipt and walk out. No hassles of queue or waiting time.
To add to this , they have introduced round the clock 'Book drop facilities' to enable book returns. IT Systems are also well interlinked check out system to take care of late return fee charges.
In a nut shell, BCL is a not jsut another library but a great organization to learn lot of innovative practices in customer service.
If you are in Chennai,try to visit BCL .

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