Sunday, September 23, 2012

Making sense of idle car park time !

I came across this innovative product delivery model piloted by Cardrops , a delivery services company in Belgium.

 Problem Statement :
30% packages are delivered at empty houses meaning, you have to wait another day and the delivery company takes a loss.
1 in 2 e-shoppers admit that they have left work earlier (or took a holiday) to be at home to collect a parcel. A burden for all parties involved.

Solution : 
Most people have a smart locker in front of the house: their car. Although we drive them around, cars are still parked 90% of their time. By tracking your daily parking routines our parcel-matching-platform is able to send delivery service to your four-wheeled locker. In front of your house, parked near your office or wherever your happen to be for a certain time Though it looks interesting need to see how far it will succeed.

However building upon this model , some of the ideas I came up are in mind map.
Next time when you park your car , beware somebody might be monitoring your car !

Source : Cardrops


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