Saturday, November 10, 2012

Inspiration from the film :The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel !

The  Best Exotic Marigold Hotel straightaway finds a place in my all time favorite movies list. I have now watched it thrice !
The story about a group of English retirees taking the risk and moving to India to face the unknown makes a fascinating plot. The way they go about handling the challenges is captured in a interesting, humorous and emotional  way.
I am sure this movie will make an excellent case study in business schools and corporates alike, for the messages it touches on the ability to take risks and manage changes.
Some of the interesting dialogues which impressed me are :

"Everything will be all right in the end , if it is not alright then trust me it is not yet the end.

The only real failure is the failure to try, and the measure of success is how we cope with the disappointment, as we all must.

We must celebrate the changes.

How people here( in India) think life more as a privilege than a right.. it teaches me something


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