Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Technolgy touching lives : Voice to Sign Language

Technology is definitely changing our lives,but the pace of change when it comes to differently abled people is not good enough.This is where the technology solution built by this team from Ukraine needs special mention.
They have developed a Glove which can be used to translate the sign language to spoken language.
The glove translates the gestures and finger sign movements into data signals which is translated as words and spoken through a smartphone app.They have named it EnableTalk.

Simply mindblowing for the reason they have identified a problem and provided a solution which can change the life of millions of deaf and mute people.
They were recently awarded the First Prize in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 held in Australia.
Hats off to the Quad team from Ukraine.
If you have the time and interest see their full presentation check out the video.


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