Saturday, June 13, 2009

Public Speaking Skills : US President shows the way !

One of the remarkable speeches ,which I heard in recent times was President Obama's address to the Muslim world in Cairo University at Egypt.
Without commenting on the message delivered,the point which I would like to share is on the quality of presentation.
President Obama is a great orator which was evident in all his election campaigns.
But on this occasion at Egypt ,he caught the attention of the entire world ,that too on an important topic of US relations with Muslim world.
Few points which really impressed me about his speech - style of presentation , conviction in message,positive body language , speed of delivery and the ability to retain the attention of the listeners.
Though several books teach us the principles of Effective Public Speaking , following great speakers would definitely help to pick up the tricks of trade faster.
In this context ,President Obama's speeches are worth following to learn quite a lot on public speaking .
If you have missed this speech , check out

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