Thursday, June 20, 2013

'When your neighbour acts,you react'- Behavioural economics to save the planet!

'When your neighbour acts,you react ' - it's not any Newtonian law but more a behaviour principle which has great potential to solve global problems.
Couple of years back in  Resonance newsletter, I have written about  Social Proof theory.
Social Proof is the human characteristic that people are influenced to do something by what other people do.
This theory is used very effectively by several utilities and telecom companies who want to do their bit to educate customers about responsible use of energy/ resources.
Today in Australia almost all utilities in their bill have a section  on , 'How are your neighbours using energy' .
In his recent TED talk, Alex Laskey shares how this simple message is saving billions of dollars in energy consumption and contributing to control climate change in a small way.

So next time you want to change something in your office or family, just tell them," Your buddy is doing better, why can't you ?"


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