Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Indian Elections:Perfect case study on Program Management !

Of late there was has been huge hue and cry about the tampering of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) in the recently held Indian elections.We need to wait until the facts of it are revealed to public.
Nevertheless, Indian elections has been a great event that is keenly followed across all greatest democracies including US and UK for its size and complexity.
To cite some statistics ,the Indian general election is the biggest single organised event in the world, involving 714 million voters, 800,000 polling stations, 7 million election officials and 1.2 million electronic voting machines.
It lends itself as a great study to understand large scale 'Program Management'.
It is generally said for a successful implementation of a program in any organization ,we need the right combination of -Process,People and Technology.
Take our Indian election scenario - so many states,different geographies,different languages,challenges in the form of political parties influences,corruption,terrorism,casteism , the list goes on.Given all this constraints to conduct election in five phases and declare the results in one day is indeed a achievement.
Though there are lot of flaws in the process , Indian election process and Election commission needs a pat . Next time why don't we use this as case study in our Project Management trainings ?

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