Saturday, May 27, 2006

Security in Software applications

On Alert ..
Software applications developed are nowadays exposed to multitude of attacks. Try to match few of the attack strategies with their modus operandi.

Also read the article
Interested to know how Information security Management practices had its presence in 'The Ramayana".Read the post.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Learn @speed of Mach

Learning Libro :Practical Learning
In the present knowledge driven era , 'learning' for/in organizations in indispensable. In other words only learning organizations , hold on and strive in the strong current of competition and change .When E-learning holds sway in all corporates today , its' also time to structure our learning process to be more practical and real time oriented rather than just knowing concepts and theory. Correlate and learn some Quality concepts from case study published in
Image: Michael Jastremski

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Friday, May 12, 2006


Various problem solving techniques like TRIZ , Analogy Mapping, Six Thinking hats and many more fundamentally revolve around the concept of channelizing and formulating a though process in thinker’s mind .When seen critically , one could discover that it all boils down to just ‘cause-effect’ ,’it happened – how to get out’ analysis .
But all these techniques go beyond these and help us to structure our reasoning to delve deep into problems. One such technique is the FORCE FIELD analysis where , we look at any problems/issue as being made of two kinds of forces –Positive Vs Negative or Driving or Restraining . An example of force field analysis thinking given here.
Now with the broken dwon reasons in hand the technique helps the team to sort out ways to overcome the restraining forces.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Just a Charla....
Hi Tarun...You look to be exhausted…
Hey Linda. You got it right I just attended a conference in Chennai, India .I just wanted to get out from the scorching heat. You wont believe on couple of days it soared past forty plus. It was a hot oven…
Sure...then you need a time to cool off…Alas , then I cant put your hot brains to work more..
‘Mm nothing like that. Mine is not as hot as young women professionals like you. Anyway put across whatever you wanted..but not more than three questions…’
“Oh that’s so nice of you. here’s my first one…
When is CMMI v1.2 got to be released?
CMMI v1.2 is expected in August 2006, so already its sunset period of CMMI v1.1.Don’t ask me on the changes in v1.2.hold on for a while to know that…

“Ok boss…fine I heard CMMI is coming up with a new model for Services industry
“ have authentic information. New CMMI services model is more focused towards services industry .Its more aligned towards ITIL and BS15000 standards...”

‘Fine tell me something …what’s all this blended learning, rapid learning etc...”
‘Linda when did you switch your plane to e-learning business. Slowly you seem to grow versatile! All these are terms related to the changes and newer business patterns that seem to be happening in the elearning market. E-learning as a segment has lots of potential to be unearthed .May be will detail you out in next meet.
“ are giving me all half baked answers. I shouldn't be troubling you too much..”
‘No only such incomplete answers may propel you to learn more and comeback next time with some with quality questions ‘
“Ha ha...your consulting coaxes not entertained here. anyway next time be charged up to detail out more on the topics discussed. See you later then..
‘Sure..will have a more productive chat next time …Catch up later. Bye”