Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chi,Koo,Bha:Strategy and Tactics !

Few months back, my 7 year old nephew pulled me in to play the game which I used to play in my school days.We had the name of the game as 'Chi-Koo-Bha' !
Recently a random search landed me to know that the game is called as 'Rock-Paper-Scissors'(RPS)and there is a world championship for that !
Forms of RPS can be found all over the world today, but the earliest known version of the game dates all the way back to the 1700s in Japan. The Japanese played a game called Jan-Ken-Pon, their version of RPS. This means the Japanese have been playing RPS longer than anyone else in the world.
This was considered a training to improve strategy and one's thinking on war psychology !More than anything else I found the below illustration fascinating for its clarity ,content and the way tips for winning has been articulated.
Would be nice to play some 'Chi-Koo-Bha' :-)

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