Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tribute to Management Guru:C.K.Prahalad

Man from Coimbatore, who has advised many of the top businessmen on business strategy is no more .His death is a huge loss to the corporate world.
This blog post is tribute to him.

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Monday, April 05, 2010

IPL 3: 'Paise vasool karne se hi baath banthi hai!'

IPL 3 is peaking.Organizers claim that viewership is increasing .Though it gets bit boring to see repeated matches and balls getting smashed away day in and day out , there is no boredom as far as the TV ads that are featured during IPL matches.

IPL has once again innovated and introduced Live-screen ads between overs inside the cricket ground - one more avenue to increase ad revenue .
Last year it was 'ZooZoos' of Vodafone but this year clearly it is 'Airtel' which is stealing the show.ZooZoos have lost the charm but Airtel with its cool ad with the tagline 'Baat Karne Se Hi Baat Bantee Hai' has stuck the right chord.Simple and powerful ad campaign with upcoming star Sharman .With Zain acquisition coming through Airtel is really getting global.

All the sports organizations are fascinated with the successful model of IPL ; Soon IPL would catch up to the scale of NBA and NFL. IPL is all about thinking and breathing Money,Money,Money.No body is complaining !

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