Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big 'I' of CMMI !

While writing CMMI , I have noticed many people using small 'i' i.e CMMi.
My observation is everywhere in SEI website and in CMMI model book Acronymns page,
CMMI is wriiten only with big 'I' in it.
Indeed CMMI is BIG :-)
Though its a trivial issue , I have seen people who are conscious enough to make 'i' as smaller one,even it is written correctly as CMMI!And to be honest it becomes topic for a amusing debate !
I really don't know the origin for this practice ,though I use the notation - CMMI.

As I was going through the CMMI model book, one thing that struck me was ,in the project members list for the CMMI project it was surprising that there is not a single Indian name/company !!!
The recent statistics published by SEI clearly indicates India in third position after USA and China in the most number of CMMI adopted companies.

Point to ponder..
If someone has views over this , I am eager to hear ...
Statistics Source :SEI website

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

'Salik' way to drive process compliance !!

Entire universe is such a fascinating place to learn without any limits.
I firmly believe there can be lot of interesting learning's when you look into the happenings in a related /unrelated discipline.
Drawing up analogies and deducing things is a effective way to look upon a problem.
This is what I call as 'Conceptual Cross Fertilization (CCF)'.
One such thing that caught my eye was the 'Salik' road toll system implemented in Dubai.In many places like in India, the road toll is collected through manual tolls, where the vehicles need to pass through the toll gate ,pay the toll amount and proceed.
However in several advanced countries electronic tolls do the job.Leveraging the RFID technology , toll process is completely automated and well regulated .
This is where the power of technology works.And indeed works more effectively justifying the costs involved.
The Dubai 'Salik' Road tag system is depicted below :
'Salik' means 'clear' in arabic.
'Salik' utilizes the latest technology to achieve free flow operation with no toll booths, no toll collectors, and no impact to traffic flow, allowing vehicles to move freely through the tolling point at highway speeds. Each time you pass through a Salik tolling point, a preset toll fee will be deducted from your prepaid toll account using advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.
About Salik Tag

Salik tag represents the latest generation technology in tolling, operates with no battery or moving parts, and it should last the life of your windshield.
It works in all weather conditions and speeds, and provides highly accurate and reliable identification of your vehicle to the system.
Your Salik tag must be affixed to your windshield to operate properly and cannot be removed from your vehicle windshield without damaging the tag.
So, whats the CCF component from 'Salik' ?

Driving process compliance !

Many times in Software organizations,making the practitioners to adhere to all process elements is a process challenge.
Audit is one mechanism which acts as a toll gate where the QA staff check the projects compliance to process.
But most of the cases,there is a high level of manual intervention required to streamline this process.
I am sure there would be QA folks complaining that 'Project Managers do not clearly say when a release is going to happen '.I too need to do some planning'.
'There is pressure from customer for release and and that neck of moment the process issues I find are put on hold to be fixed after release.So whats the value add I bring in ?'.
Taking cue from ' Salik' , there can be different proactive ,inbuilt robust mechanisms to drive in process compliance the way the Salik meets its objective!
It could be thought out in the way processes are defined,how they are implemented, how they are regulated and if violated how they are introspected !
So 'Salik' way may not be just for traffic management but also for process management !!Time to do some 'Salik' thinking !!
Salik Details :

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