Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lipstick Effect !

During recession , all sectors take a bad hit and sales slump.
But its interesting to note that there is a phenonmenon that emerges in business during these dull times.
It's the famous 'Lipstick Effect'.
The "lipstick effect" can be traced back to the Great Depression of the 1930s. In the four years from 1929 to 1933, industrial production in the US halved, but sales of cosmetics rose.
Women who could not buy expensive fashion wear cut back on thier spending and instead looked upon lipsticks to keep their fashion quotient up!
Here's one of the definition I found :
lipstick effect n. During a recession, the tendency for consumers to purchase small, comforting items such as lipstick rather than large luxury items.
Its been validated from the sales of some of the big cosmetics major like L'oreal,Avon,Beiersdorf etc. during recession times.

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Resonance Newsletter

Hi folks
Ancient saying goes , ‘ Knowledge is knowing that we cannot know everything ‘.In this ‘googled’ world ,where we are drowned in information and starved for knowledge , collective learning through sharing of experiences and wisdom is the need of the day .
I have been thinking of creating a newsletter for quite a while and finally with dawn of 2009 , decided its time for it !!
This newsletter titled ' RESONANCE ' is aimed to bring the community together to leverage the knowledge and experience of professionals in various domains.
This newsletter is a medium to share topics and themes on various business processes presented through collection of concepts, practical cases, expert opinions and happenings around the world.
I look forward to your suggestions, feedback and most importantly contributions to take this medium of knowledge sharing with community more effectively.
In this newsletter :
· Sighted & Spotted - Happenings in world of quality & process
· Event Buzz - Upcoming events in the coming months
· Sharpener - Techniques of Root Cause Analysis
· Insight - 7 waste in software development
· Just a Charla - Chat with Mark McGregor ,BPM Guru
· @ Action - New service option from SUBWAY
· KIKP - Know a Industry , Know a Process

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