Monday, September 24, 2012

Communicating Change !

Took these snaps in Australian cities
It was interesting to know how these companies have taken the effort to communicate why they are doing something and hence the reason for inconvenience.
As a user , I felt informed and was did not mind the inconvenience.

Melbourne CBD ,William Street - Water Pipe Construction
Sydney, Commercial Building -Lift Repair

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Making sense of idle car park time !

I came across this innovative product delivery model piloted by Cardrops , a delivery services company in Belgium.

 Problem Statement :
30% packages are delivered at empty houses meaning, you have to wait another day and the delivery company takes a loss.
1 in 2 e-shoppers admit that they have left work earlier (or took a holiday) to be at home to collect a parcel. A burden for all parties involved.

Solution : 
Most people have a smart locker in front of the house: their car. Although we drive them around, cars are still parked 90% of their time. By tracking your daily parking routines our parcel-matching-platform is able to send delivery service to your four-wheeled locker. In front of your house, parked near your office or wherever your happen to be for a certain time Though it looks interesting need to see how far it will succeed.

However building upon this model , some of the ideas I came up are in mind map.
Next time when you park your car , beware somebody might be monitoring your car !

Source : Cardrops

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Resonance Newsletter : Issue 23

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