Friday, September 28, 2007

Global Brands :Missing Indian name !!

Brand Game...
Branding is a key component for any business whether
ita about products or services .
Possession of a 'Rolex' watch , , a 'Benz ' Car ,a 'Sony' TV ,
a 'Nokia' mobile ,a ' Nike' shoe is still a proud statement
for a customer in his/her social group.
Its really a vintage thing to know what brand equity
could do to one's business..
A list of world's top 100 brands of 2007 makes an interesting
reading with top 10 been occupied by the known powerhouses .
Top 10 Global Brands :
1.Coca Cola
Google has sky rocketed in just few years of its existence
and occupies a prestigous Rank :24.
Its very surprising to know that , India being one of the
world's growing economies with global players does not have
a single entry in the global list.
Its a testimony to fact that are still miles to go for Indian
companies to establish themselves as a global brand to reckon with.
Lets hope atleast couple of Indian Brands make it in the next year listing..
Lets wait and watch.. !!

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