Thursday, November 08, 2007

As I Spot :Usability Matters !!

The modern essentialities of life is not just Roti,
Kapda aur Makaan (Food,Clothing and Shelter).
In this world there are several other direct qualifiers -
Mobile, TV,Vehicle.. Political parties distributing free TV
sets to poor apart from regular rations ,speaks volumes
about the need for products either its simple machine
or a hitech gizmo.
So with such widgets becoming part of everyone's life , it
becomes highly critical that they have Ease of Use.!
How many times you would have fumbled with your
USB flashdisk figuring out which side you need to insert
in a PC,Laptop or how many times you would do a test
stamp before you put a rubber stamp just to ensure you
don't put it upside down !!
Usability in process and products is the key to success of
any new product or process.
So a group which promotes the Usability awareness is
Just Check out the presentations on day to day usability
issues. Lets remember the old adage :
KISS - 'Keep it Simple, Stupid !'