Monday, August 20, 2012

Blade Runner and Bald Cyclist:No one can stop them !

 Sports is one of the best source  to look upon for  motivation and inspiration .
There is no executive coaching session which does not draw a example from the achievements of one sportsperson or the other .
Recently concluded London Olympics  was a great success not for the sport but the way one could identify with the stories of hardship,struggle ,commitment ,persverance and grit of each Olympian.
Though Usain Bolt stole the limelight with sprint double and Mohd.Farah lit up london with double long distance wins there were two others who caught my attention.
Oscar Pistorius ,double amputee from South Africa who made it to the Olympic  in 400 m and mens 4 x100 m relay. Though his participation has triggered lot of debate on use of artificial legs to compete , no one questions this man's determination to make it to the highest level which has earned him the nickname the 'Blade Runner'.
Joanna Rowsell , the cyclist from Great Britain who won Gold in women's cyclic track event is diagnosed with Alopecia ; a disease where one loses immunity and goes bald. She was bold enough to receive the gold medal with her bald head and said the condition forced her to chase her dream.
These two stories definitely gives a sense of fighting spirit. Hats off to them and the people who support them all along.
On the lighter side ,here Downunder Brits did have different reasons to be inspired ! Reason the general verdict that - 'London Olympics was better than Sydney Olympics '. This time Aussies did not get a chance to do 'Aussie,Aussie,Aussie-Oye,Oye,Oye ! '

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