Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mr.Q !! Numero One..


Monday, January 15, 2007

Going Agile !...

Going Agile in Software Development

With lot of community talk happening on Agile and how it aids/counters CMMI, here’s the crux of what Agile offers for software development :

1.Be Practical Boss:No one can hit bull’s eye !
When one knows the dynamics involved in
real time software development with frequent changes evolving requirements ,
don’t stick to a detailed plan and end up tracking and saying ,
”We couldn’t stick to the plan”.
Prepare a high level plan but plan broadly for all activities.
Plan in detail as project matures.

2.Dont lose your life sticking to Waterfall model
Customers give you more requirements when you give them a little idea
of what’s coming up.
So develop a core functional low version working model with key requirements
and get the real expectations of customer.

3.SW development is not Rocket Science

Iterate your work and freeze requirements , followed by design as you
develop .
Leave the military mantra :Design only after requirements , coding only
after design !

4.Fail early !!!
Develop test cases upfront ;use them to develop; defects early in the
low version model make final acceptance clear as requirements are
spelled out more clearly after that

5.No surprises ..
Do not try to get ‘WOW’ feeling from customer by showing the working
software only at the end. Murphys law has it that , 9/10 times you will
only get a response “Actually , I wanted something different “ !!

6. Documents make sense
Without documentation , success in SW development is a fluke.
Remember Abraham Lincoln words ‘You cant fool all of the people
all of the time ‘!.
Be professional and ensure ‘Just – fit ‘ documentation and
measures are collected to measure our agile moves.