Thursday, July 31, 2008

CMMI,Subprocess and your heart !

When it comes to high maturity practices in CMMI,the subject
of 'Subprocess'control fascinates everyone.
One of the simpler ways to understand this concept is with an
analogy to human body, the most complicated system than any software
built in this universe !
For a good functioning of human body there are critical parts
that need to work well - eg : Cardiac system,Respiratory-Breathing ,
E-N-T (Ear , Nose,Throat).
They are akin to the key processes of requirements,design,coding,testing
in a software lifecycle.
Based on the inherent variations that are individualistic,
always few parts needs special attention due to genetic problems ,
complications developed , occupational need etc.
i.e for a singer vocal system needs special focus, for a manual labourer
good physique gains prominence,for a young girl- good facial looks is the
spot light .
This is the intent of one of the spcific practices in OPP at CMMI Level 4 says, 'Select Processes'.Organizations have many processes and like a human
body all parts haveto work well.Still few processes are critical to be more
aligned to business objectives;they need special focus.
For everyone healty cardiac system is critical, as many people suffer
from cardiac arrests.
To ensure we have a good cardiac system , doctors advice that one needs
to control cholestrol , keep a tab on sugar level , have a daily brisk
walk for a kilometre.So all these aspects have a direct say on cardiac system.
In other words these are the subprocesses if taken care well will have
a positive impact and prevent one form cardiac arrest.
This is what is the sub process control spoken about in Level 4.
If Design activity is critical to your operations , you may very well
focus on Design review as sub process.If your design reviews are stronger,
your design might meet the requirements and ensure the overall quality
satisfies the customer.
And when a doctor advises to control blood sugar to certain level its
all based on measurements and data .The same applies when we talk about
sub process measurement using statistical techniques.

So may be if you start taking up sub process control seriously in
your projects, projects might be delivered on time , no more will
customer give you sleepless nights, your blood pressure will not
shoot up like increasing barrel prices and eventually fees you spend on
doctor visits is reduced !
Oh is CMMI - Cardiac Maintenance Made sImple !

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Can you change me ?

Whether it is Indian upanishad 'Bhagavad Gita' or western philosophy,
all the management concepts,embrace that 'Change is the eternal and
permanent thing in the universe'.
Change Management is always an intersesting topic in business circles.
Differences in people psycology, culture,language and attitude spices up
'Change Management '.
Agility in business is definitely a critical success factor,and
case studies of successful companies evidences the fact they
are all open to change.
In this context, a wonderful resource to know various aspects of
change management can be referenced at Changing Minds

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

People issues in your agile teams ?

Search on Agile in 'Web God '(Google :-)),leaves you with
hundreds of informative material.Navigating through I landed up in
this fantastic presentation by Dr.Venkat Subramaniam.
Dr.Venkat is one of the renowned personalities in Agile arena.
In this presentation he talks about various techniques to handle
people issues involved in agile teams.
Dont miss out this webcast on
Pragmatic Factors for Agile Success.
Though its more than a hour's presentation, worth looking at it.

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