Friday, January 16, 2009

Think fresh: Sewage Infoway !

Its no more just food,clothing and shelter that matters ;in today's world Internet too is a necessity for most of the educated folks.
Don't agree with me ?
Try living your life without internet for a day,a week or a month.
If you are bold enough and trythe experiment for a month, soon you will find that you are living in a prehistoric world with information explosion just sweeping you away.
Backbone for all connected world today is the infrastructure to obtain high internet speeds.But given the population explosion , cramped spaces and chaotic cities , how does one sustain and grow the internet connectivity !!

This is when I came across an amazing fact that the intenet in most parts of France is carried through its 'Sewage system'.
Wow,this is engineering and innovation at its best!
SO how does it work ?
In France, tunnels meant for sewage is also utilized to carry fibre optic cables and the complete process of laying cables and managing them is backed with excellent technology .
This is not just in France, Japan,UK to are catching up to leverage the power of their sewage systems!

No digging of roads , amazing speeds ,shared resources and effective way to meet the objectives - what more do we need !!
For me this is fascinating work and really has made me realize that even trivial,small and insignificant things could be leveraged to do wonders.
Most of the times we think in a narrow traditional way looking for solutions that are time tested and 'just meets my needs'.Creativity and willingness to experiment is what distinguishes the best from the rest..
How many countries have thought about things in different way or have the ability to execute such acts !
Every small thing in world has a story ...Inspiration is everywhere...!
If in France, don't miss out the Paris Sewage system visit from your itinerary !
Definitely , I am waiting for it ...
Sewage System Photo courtesy:Roy Tennant

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