Saturday, November 14, 2009

Japan :Waste Management Best Practices

Today when "Green Business" is the theme adopted by all industries , one of the fundamental aspects in green is Waste Management.
When it comes to day to day waste in homes,offices and shops there is a need for great amount of innovation and discipline that is needed.

While countries like Singapore have their 3R programs (Reduce, Reuse,Recycle) there are few best practices observed in Japan.

1.Everywhere in Japan ,there is lot of emphasis given on waste segregation at source

2.Clear labels and instructions signs are placed on different waste collection boxes at aprtments,hotels and public places

3.Lot of public awareness campaigns are conducted on waste management

4.In schools,students are taught not to waste food

5.Recycling and reusability of components are well organized

6.More than all these, people are disciplined

Lot to learn to make atleast our home and workplace clean !

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