Sunday, February 07, 2010

Commitment and Involvement : Lessons from Pig,Chicken and Mahabharatha

We also would have heard the story of 'Pig and Chicken' in many discussions on the topic of Involvement and Commitment.
For those who have not heard it , here it is
Think about a meal consisting of eggs and ham and consider the contributions made by a chicken and a pig. A chicken provided the eggs and a pig provided the ham. It can be said the chicken was involved, because the chicken continues to live as it lays more eggs. It can be said the pig was committed, because the pig gave its all to provide the ham and other pork products.

When I think of a Indian mythological angle to the subject ,there can be no better example for Commitment and Involvement than Lord Krishna.

Note:Mahabharatha is an Indian epic where two groups Pandavas(good) and Kauravas (evil)fight .It is reckoned to be war between good and evil and the dawn of Kali Yuga !

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