Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why do you keep your laptop plugged after it is charged ?

'Pictures speaker louder then words' - it really is when it comes to the task of bringing a change in the organisation.I have seen many organisations using posters and other visual themes to communicate organisation's messages to its employees.
Though few of them are more cliched like a poster with a ladder in the air which read 'We dare to dream and reach beyond'...
However I have seen several other organisations using the visual appeal creatively to bring a change. There is no hard statistics to prove the correlation between visual messages and organisation change;but,when you go and speak to the management which went through a successful change program , the role of visual messages would figure in their top 5 influencers of change.

Today where 'eco-sustainiability ' is one of the priorities for any business , it makes sense to use the power of visual appeal to bring the change.
HU2, a UK based company provides a rich collection of stickers with a message.
Few which caught my attention.

For more check out HU2.

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