Friday, December 09, 2011

Why this Kolaveri :' Black Swan ' theory works !

In last few weeks, one of the songs which became a sensational hit in Indian music arena was the 'Why this Kolaveri di.' .
It is a song of a under-production film '3' that went viral, and got promoted by all media houses in their prime time coverage !
The song attracted national debate - on its music, sub-standard lyrics,tanglish tune and so on..
The creators dismissed it all saying it was just entertaintment and asked the purists to stay away..

All said and done no one could comprehend why it became such a sensational hit!
For me it is a classic case of another Black Swan event ; Black Swans are not restricted to banking , disasters and politics...
As it was defined Nicholas Taleb, Black Swans are events which are random ( comes as a suprise ), that has a major impact and then rationalised by hindsight.
In today's world with communication and technology in your pocket even a small idea could change the world. So,start thinking and keep singing 'Why this Kolaveri':-)!

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