Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No Google,iPAD or Viagra : Still India Matters !

Interesting talk which gives a different perspective on how India is contributing to the world through Invisible Innovation.
Professor Nirmalya Kumar argues that :
-  Innovation shouldn't be viewed from end user point of view alone.
-  India has not produced Google,iPAD or Viagra but is instrumental in contributing behind the scenes to the global innovation

Though I agree with many points , India as a country is even far behind  a small not-so advanced Western Country.
Be it innovation in public infrastructure , energy  ,smart vehicles,healthcare, education and public services India has a long way to go and trailing badly.
Cannot make judgements only just based on the Indian entrepreneurs and R&D Heads in Silicon Valley  or MNCs.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Innovation in Gifting : Tango Cards

In one of my earlier posts have written about Metro Change , a machine piloted in Newyork to collect unused dollar value on Travelcards which can be collected and donated to Charity.
On similar lines,Tango Card have come up with a innovative idea and built a Universal Gift card
Gift cards and Gift Vouchers are not something new , but the approach to making it digital makes it special.
 What is Tango Card ?
It is a simple gift card like credit card which can be purchased online and gifted to anyone.
The recipient of gift can use it in 3 ways :
1. Use the card in anyone of the partnership dealers - Amazon,Starbucks etc..
2.Use it to donate to Charity
3.Use it and redeem it for cash
Check out the video

Tango Card has recently got funding from Ex-Google's Executive Eric Schmidt.
 Interesting ideas to gift responsibly..!