Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'Haka' Dance by All Blacks :Great Ritual !

Living in Australia one cannot stay away from the excitement of  sports  happening throughout the year.
And if you think Cricket is the most favorite sport ,you didn't get it right. Footy (Australian Football) and Rugby has more followers than cricket. I too started watching rugby from the Rugby World Cup held last year in NewZealand.
NZ Rugby team  called as 'All Blacks' is a dominant  force in world rugby ; Apart from their game , one thing which interested me was the 'Haka' dance they perform before the match.
'Haka' is said to be a war dance in Maori culture and is intended to welcome distinguished guests on significant occasions.

Watch the Haka performed in the recently held match between All Blacks and Wallabies
(Australia Rubgy team ).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Innovating through Cashless ATM Machines !

Came across this Retail Teller Machines which works as ATM without dispensing cash.
RTMs developed by KAL is designed to dispense vouchers instead of cash.
See the video to know on how it works...

Great way for retailers to collaborate with banks and do microfinancing.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Power of used up Power !

Batteries help to power many devices today and every year billions of batteries are disposed off without getting recycled.
I spotted this in our office building where Battery Recycling Tube has been placed in reception asking the building tenants and visitors to deposit the used up batteries. 

Statistics reveal that Australia alone dispose of 270 million batteries a year. Apart from car batteries, most of these end up in landfill, which represents a waste of both valuable and rare resources.  It also increases the chances of toxins getting into the environment. (Source :http://recyclingweek.planetark.org/bb/)
Battery recycling across the world is a greatly missed opportunity .

What I liked the most about this  great  initiative was the  strategic location to promote the message and trigger action .Check out the company behind the initiative http://www.sourceseparationsystems.com.au